Ibiza Town Clubs

Clubbing in Ibiza is unlike anywhere else in the world. Musically the club nights are first class and it is quite apparent that the clubs put the needs of their discerning customers at the top of the agenda. That said, the clubbing experience is not cheap and you should be prepared to spend between 30 and 50 euros for entrance and 10 euros plus for a drink. It is generally better to purchase your tickets from one of the many ticket outlets located in bar and shops before hand. Also it’s quite possible to get very reduced or complementary entry if you find the right person to ask.

Clubs are generally run by different promoters each night of the week, so although each venue has a recognised style, you would be advised to check that the music policy suites your taste.

Walking in Pacha for the first time is a special moment that will be difficult to forget. The interior of the club is beautiful along with the people inside. Known for its accessible music policy, Pacha has many areas in explore with different musical styles including the VIP area, funky room, global room and terrace. The club is an easy stroll from the Ibiza Town port area.

This is the smaller of the two clubs in the San Rafel area, however with a capacity of 4,000 no-one could accuse Amnesia of being intimate. The music policy is generally harder and trancier than its Ibiza Town neighbours, however this is not true for every night and as with other clubs, there are a second “funky terrace” that provides sanctuary for those who prefer it.

Privilege is officially the largest night club in the world with a huge 10,000 capacity. Music varies from night to night, however when completely open the club boasts three separate dance areas and music styles. Considered by many as a place must experience at least once!

The original after-hours club, now larger and brasher than ever catering for the evening and nighttime crowd. The marathon 14 hour “Sundays at Space” runs from 4pm on Sunday to 6am on Monday morning. Now more famous for its terrace area than the inside of the club, the music policy is generally harder inside the club and funkier on the terrace. Located in Playa d’en Bossa, the club is world renowned for its opening and closing parties, with clubbers flying in especially from all around the world.

Other Clubs
Being adjacent to the town centre, Eden and Es Paradis cater for the upper end of the San Antonio set. DC10, near to the airport is renowned for a crazy weekly party called Circo Loco and Underground is an intimate bar come club in San Rafael which is well worth a visit.


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